The A.S.D.U. international is a nonprofit organization, with the aim to offer dancers a plattform for intercultural exchange and communication among dancers through

WHY ASDU ASDU is a non-profit organisation. No extra fees, no extra costs - you only pay what it needs to make it happen.

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Membership All competitions are open to all members of a dance school or dance organization/club. The dance school / organization must be a member of the First-time participation in an ...

Why competitions? Participating in a competition is normally extra time, extra effort, extra costs and extra risk for a dance school, your pupils and thier parents. So why doing it?

Organise a competition ASDU competitions (national, and international) are each year organised by ASDU-member-danceschools. So also you have the chance to be one time organiser of a national or international ASDU tournam...