Tauerncenter / Stage

The modernly euquipped event center for 1,200 visitors is embedded in a circular schoolyard in which 4 schools are connected to each other and directly to the event center.
This makes it possible to use the premises of these schools for wardrobes and dance prepartion (warum-up, insertion etc.) as a part of organizing the event.

Seperate entrances to the auditorium or the cloakroom allow a seperation of the active and the viewer and thus a clear organizational process.


"Lienzerstraße 17", Matrei in Osttirol / Austria

Here you can see the 15 x 10 meter stage, where you will be be in the limelight and give your best.
Behind the curtain is a narrow passage of about 1 meter and laterally there a 4 side parts (front curtain & 3wings) of the curtain which are set up offset, it allows a fast stage change and ensures. The stage background (curtain) is kept in gray.
Entrance / exit to and from the stage takes place on the right side from the audience.

Below you'll find a sketch of the stage with its own features/attributes!

Dance floor (without wings etc.!):

13 x 10 meter
6,50 meter from the middle to the wings (width)
10 meter from the front of the stage to the curtain in the back (length)

Gap Wings:

Front curtain - 1,70 from the front of the stage
1. Wing - 2,30 meter from front of the stage
2. Wing - 1,30 meter from 1. Wing
3. Wing - 1,30 meter from 2. Wing

Pass behind the curtain:

about 0,8 meter

Thanks to the firma "TÜCHLER Bühnen- und Textiltechnik GmbH" for the sponsoring of 4 new dance floor rolls!

Layout stage

You have questions regarding the stage, dance floor or it dimensions, please contact us!