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Matrei in Osttirol is known as a place that is characterized by an extraordinary beauty and breathtaking idyll.
The extremely modern and attractive holiday resort has over 5,000 inhabitants, who are known as hospitable, sociable and self-sufficient people. From top-class restaurants, guesthouses, private rooms to mountain huts, there are around 3,000 guest beds in all categories.

You will love Matrei in Osttirol for its charm and warmth. The proximity to the area makes the organization very easy (baker, pharmacy, marketers etc. within a few walk minutes) and will give you the opportunity to meet many other dancers during your stay and make new friends.

The town of Matrei in Osttirol is located in the heart of the national park "Hohe Tauern" in between the two highest peaks of Austria, the Großglockner with 3,798 meter and the Großvenediger with 3,674 meter.
With a total area of 278 square kilometer it is the second largest municipality in Tyrol.

Due to the location within the Hohetauern and the different heights that surround it, the landscape shows all beauties of the valley, the forest area, the alpine zone and the gigh alpine region.

A variety of sporting and adventurous up to amusing and enjoyable leisure activities can be seen that the main attraction of this idyllic village was laid with main attention to tourism.

You haven't seen enough of and still looking for more information about Matrei and the beautiful region Osttirol with all its sightseeings, leisure time activities and so on?

Follow the buttons below to get further information about the whole region and its beauties.

Matrei in Osttirol would be pleased to welcome you to the European Championships in June 2017!

The modernly euquipped event center for 1,200 visitors is embedded in a circular schoolyard in which 4 schools are connected to each other and directly to the event center.
This makes it possible to use the premises of these schools for wardrobes and dance prepartion (warum-up, insertion etc.) as a part of organizing the event.

Seperate entrances to the auditorium or the cloakroom allow a seperation of the active and the viewer and thus a clear organizational process.


"Lienzerstraße 17", Matrei in Osttirol / Austria

Tourism Association

The Tourism Association Matrei in Osttriol will help you with your booking and your wishes. First information you can find on their website, follow the link below!

Tourism information Matrei i.O.

If you have questions regarding the accommodation please don't hesitate and contact the tourism association immediately:

Mobil: +43 50 / 212 500

We have compiled a list with some hotels, which are located directly in Matrei i.O. or in the near area. You can download the file under the following link:

Hotel list European Championships 2017 [16 KB]

We can offer you several links where you will find more hotels, appartments and guesthouses all over the region Osttirol. It last from big hotels with more than 30 beds up to small guesthouses for up to 10 people.




Here is a map of Austria and its most important highways to facilitate your arrivial to Matrei i. O.!

Matrei i. O. / Austria

from Germany (Munich)

> E54 till Kiefersfelden/Kufstein
> last exit/before national border (Kiefersfelden) - NO tax disc necessary!
> from Kufstein signposting "Felbertauernstraße"
> along "Felbertauernstraße" to Osttirol

driving time: 2h 30min - 216 km

from Switzerland

> A14 through Feldkirch / Bludenz / Arlberg
> A12 through Innsbruck till exit "Wörgl Ost"
> signposting "Felbertauernstraße"
> through Kitzbühel, Mittersill to Osttirol

driving time: 6h 30min - 480 km

from Vienna (Wien)

> A2 rout Klagenfurt - Villach (A 10) to Spittal
> from Spittal B100 to Osttirol

driving time: 5h 30min - 470 km

from Salzburg

> Salzburg (A10) - crossroad Salzburg - Osttirol
> Salzburg (A10) - to Lofer/Zell a. See (B312/311)
> B168 to Mittersill
> "Felbertauernstraße" to Osttirol

driving time: 2h 45min - 220 km

from Italy (Bozen)

> Bozen (A22) to Brixen (S49 DIR/E 68)
> Innichen (B 100) to Osttirol

driving time: 2h 05min - 149 km

from Italy (Venedig)

> Venedig (A4 / E 70) to Udine (A23 / E 55)
> from Tolmezzo through "Plöckenpass" to Osttirol

driving time: 3h - 250 km

Parking concept

Click on picture to enlarge!


>> Buses have to take the southern entry to Matrei i.O.
>> turn right into the "Lienzer Straße"
>> right in front of the "Tauerncenter" there is a bus stop (for 2 buses) - here the dancers can exit!
>> the buses drive towards the centre of Matrei i.O.
>> after 200 meters right in front of the bridge turn left into the "Virgenerstraße"
>> after 600 meters turn left into the "L24 Virgentallandesstraße" toward "Lienz"
>> after 1000 meters turn right to the parking "EUB-Talstation Goldried Bergbahnen"
>> First parking on the right side for buses!

Important: No entry for cars and buses to the schoolyard of the "Tauerncenter"! Access and exit must be free for emergency vehicles!


>> parking area along the "Lienzer Straße" on the right side downwards (1 track!)
>> parking area around the "Tauerncenter"
>> parking area "EUB-Talstation Goldried Bergbahnen" in the South (450 cars) - app. 10-15 minutes walking time to the "Tauerncenter"
>> parking area "Kreuzbühle" in the North (50 cars) - app. 7-10 minutes walking time to the "Tauerncenter"


The European Championships ins 2017 will last from Saturday, the 3rd to Monday the 5th of June 2017!

>> PROGAM / SCHEDULE for ECS17 [111 KB]

For those who want to get to know Matrei and the region Osttirol with its sights and beauties and also for those who prefer sportier and more adventurous activities we have listed the Top sight adresses in Osttirol below.

National Park Hohe Tauern is one of the most superb landscapes on earth and is a Noah’s Ark for thousands of plant and animal species. However, it is also an oasis of tranquillity for nature-oriented people – a place for relaxation and discovery. Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
East Tyrol has just one lake. But it packs a punch. It's the fantastic location of this natural gem at the foot of the Lienz Dolomites that makes Lake Tristach so attractive. A children's playground, lawns for sunbathing, a nice café and the beach volleyball court make the bathing beach Lake Tristach a popular destination. Swimming in Osttirol
The climbing parks in East Tyrol range from super-easy to pretty difficult. And that's why they are suitable for young and old, beginners and athletic pros as well as for children and adults.A daring jump from 20 metres in the climbing park Lienz/Hochstein is sure to make the heart race one more time. Climbing park
You can toboggan down the 2.7 kilometre Osttirodler run from the Moosalm via Lienz‘s Schlossberg right to the finish area in the Hochstein Arena. Want to be a bit careful, or a very special adrenaline kick? Enjoy yourself or rush through the spectacular gyroscope? Osttirodler + children's zoo
Those for whom the animals in the wild in East Tyrol are too fast and who would prefer to get closer to them in a wildlife park, should pay a visit to Assling wildlife park. Its fantastic location on Pustertal’s sun terrace is also a great reason to visit this wildlife park. Wildpark Assling
Heinfels castle is set in a strategic location, favourably placed on a hill above the town of Heinfels and due to its position has been titled the "Queen of Pustertal". Its name goes back to the legendary foundation by the Huns. The fortifications were described as "Huonenfels" into the 16th century. Castle Heimfels
Pichler chocolate is handmade, the raw materials are natural, the ingredients from all over the world are exquisite and the pleasure is exclusive. Let yourself get seduced from over 180 varieties of chocolate. Pichlers'world of chocolate
Aguntum was a Roman city which is around 4 kilometres to the east of Lienz in what is Dölsach today. Excavations and the museum recount times past. Aguntum
A few key words describe the Galitzenklamm gorge water adventure park really very well indeed - exciting, fun, playful and sporty. You can have all that in Galitzenklamm gorge at once. Galitzenklamm
Anyone who thinks that in East Tyrol the thundering wild waters become tame, gurgling rivulets in the summer, is mistaken. Water sports enthusiasts can ride the wild waves on a kayak or in a raft right into the autumn. There are more than 1000 summits, for the most part topped with gleaming glaciers, which provide an uninterrupted supply of water in East Tyrol. Sporty adventures
What can you expect from a park with this name? Correct – that your own “imps” will feel great. The word “Wichtel”, for all those who don’t know, denotes munchkin, imp or brownie. In this context it is intended for children, for whom Wichtelpark Sillian really does offer a lot. Wichtelpark Sillian
A part of the James Bond „spectre“ was filmed in Obertilliach. The film crew arrived with snow, a sports aircraft and a barn from Styria to the small village in Osttirol. For the scenes in and around the „bond-house“ and for the scenes at the ski run Daniel Craig was there for three days. "James Bond" location

Restaurant "Tauerncenter"

The Restaurant directly in the "Tauerncenter" offers place for about 50-60 people.
Next to drinks and hot food the restaurant offers also some casual/ad hoc snacks!

Further Restaurants within spitting distance:

You can also download a list with some restaurants directly in Matrei i.O. or in the near area:

>> Gastronomy Matrei i.O. [108 KB]