Organise a competition

ASDU competitions (national, and international) are each year organised by ASDU-member-danceschools. So also you have the chance to be one time organiser of a national or international ASDU tournament.

You are interested in organising a competition?

Here ist what we propose to do:

  • contact the ASDU board (Karin Csitkovics, President) for a first pre information

  • find together a possible date

  • Find a suitable location (space for the stage, dancers, audience, wardrobes, judges...)

  • talk with politics/responsibles about possible subsidies

  • get further information from ASDU about more details (list of technical needs, cost overview, eg.) and "best practise" examples and tipps

  • if date, location and finance is clear and you are sure to have an organisation team > then present your application/concept to the ASDU Board

  • if accepted by the ASDU-board: sign the contract "organiser of an ASDU competition"

Why organising a competition? > Your Advantages

  • IMAGE for your school: being organiser of a national or international dance event brings a positive impact to your school image

  • PUBLIC RELATION: organising a dance competition draws a lot of attention of the local, regional and national media. If you take the chance there will be release lots and lots of articles about your school and the competition

  • COST ADVANTAGE FOR YOUR CLIENTS: being the organiser of a dance competition saves your clients a lot of money which they had to spend otherwise for travel & accomodation. The money they save they can spend in more training, more dances, and in watching the competition.

  • HOME-CHAMPIONSHIPS: creating the possibility for your pupils to dance in a "home-game-atmosphere". This will really be something special. All their friends, relatives can come to watch them.

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