ASDU - a non-profit organisation

  • ASDU is a non-profit organisation. No extra fees, no extra costs - you only pay what it needs to make it happen.


  • 2 ROUNDs dancing > in a first round you qualify for the final, in a second round the juges can take their time to really decide who does best.

  • What is the advantage of a second round for the Judges? > better decisions. The judges have seen all the dances of the competition, they got a good orientation of the abilities and strength of each team. An in round 2 they can focus on "who brings his message now really best".

  • What is the advantage of a second round for you as a dancer? > double fun, double chance.

  • Double experience: You are twice on stage - so the long process of thraining and striving is not in 2-4 minutes "over".

  • Doubel excitement: doing it in the final - yes or no? and then in the final: how far can we reach? So the tention keeps over the ful 2-3 days and is not after a 2-3 minutes first round over.

  • Double security for you as a school: did you once experience this - you train with your kids for the competition, they are doing well, and in the competition the spacing is not perfect (because first contact with the stage.., young kids,...nevousness or what so ever..) and all the hard work is for nothing. Do you know that? > here at ASDU competition you can do a good job in round one, and then show what you really are able for in round 2.

  • Double secuity for you as a dancer: The first round often is a kind of "orientation" and "warm up" > your know the stage, the spacing, ..you loose your first flurry.. it is not very likely that your first round is your best performance..and then in round two everything is clear (the spacing, the atmosphere, the concurrence...) and then you know ...now it counts to show your best.

SKATING SYSTEM - even more security for you

In the skating system out of 5 judges the highest and the lowest are cancelled:

  • So the system prevents you to be punised by 1 very bad judgement and

  • the system prevents you that your concurrence gets a too big support by 1 very good judgement

So here is really the core of you performance, this what the "middle 3 judges" see, deciding.

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