Why competitions?

Participating in a competition is normally extra time, extra effort, extra costs and extra risk for a dance school, your pupils and thier parents. So why doing it?

Here are the reasons for you as

For you as a dance school / studio / team:

  • TEAMBUILDING: it is a wonderful chance for an intense teambuilding process. Travelling abroad, spending time and special moments together is what welds teams together.

  • CREATING CONNECTION: travelling together, brings fun, emotion, adventure, sharing moments outside of the classic teaching atmosphere deepens telationships and creates connections between your pupils

  • FOCUS & PRECISION: having the aim in your mind to participate in a competition raises automatically your precision and focus in the daily work and training of your teachers and pupils

  • BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN YOU & YOUR PUPILS: having the aim to compete with the best brings automatiyally the best out of you and your dancers, a wonderful chance to challenge yourself

  • MOTIVATION & ENERGY KICK: seeing others doing their best gives all time an energy kick. It motivates you to strive for your best yourself. It activates your motivation energy. Seeing others striving makes you striving yourself.

  • NEW INSPIRATION: seeing and feeling the work of others (trainers, choreographers, ..) brings you new ideas, new inspirations,

  • BROADER OFFER: as a dance school you present yourself with a broader spectrum. Your offer "normal classes" AND you offer "champions training", so you adress also those for who dance has a bigger imporance than just coming ones a week.

  • DEFINING THE LEVEL OF YOUR SCHOOL: competition dancers define the level of your school. The higher they succced the stronger your school is seen. They show and demonstrate what you are able to.

  • COMPETITION DANCERS: are normally your most loyal pupils, for them this is an essential part of their life, they are also those who

  • BETTER PUBLIC RELATION: participating brings you all time a lot of attention in your surrounding, and the local media > you can report before, while and after the competition your aims, your advances, your feelings, your results.

  • MORE SPONSORING: a better chance for being supported by sponsors. Interesting aims and projects are from experience more likely supported by sponsors. e.g. getting a new teamdress.

For you as a dancer:

  • PERSONAL GROWTH: it is a chance for you to grow, expand your borders, your abilities - technically, emotionally, personally

  • FUN & : it gives you the chance to spend some beautiful days with your friends, create special moments and special memories you will for sure remember

  • CHANCE FOR LEARNING & INSPIRATION: watching others in their abilities an progress

For the parents of your dancers:

  • GIVING A CHANCE TO GROW: with the allowance to participate in a competition you give your child the chance to grow. Maybe not growing above others (not everyone will be no 1) - but for sure growing above ones actual borders, and that counts!!

  • OFFERING A CHANCE FOR fun, adventure, experience, growth, learning, motivation, inspiration and much more.

  • EXPANDING YOUR CHILDS HORIZON: your child is thinking it is the best (in its own surrounding /group / class / school ). A participatin in a competition will imediately expand its horizion and give him/her new ideas, new inspirations, new motivations, new aims and inflame the will to grow further.

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