Matrei in Osttirol is known as a place that is characterized by an extraordinary beauty and breathtaking idyll.
The extremely modern and attractive holiday resort has over 5,000 inhabitants, who are known as hospitable, sociable and self-sufficient people. From top-class restaurants, guesthouses, private rooms to mountain huts, there are around 3,000 guest beds in all categories.

You will love Matrei in Osttirol for its charm and warmth. The proximity to the area makes the organization very easy (baker, pharmacy, marketers etc. within a few walk minutes) and will give you the opportunity to meet many other dancers during your stay and make new friends.

The town of Matrei in Osttirol is located in the heart of the national park "Hohe Tauern" in between the two highest peaks of Austria, the Großglockner with 3,798 meter and the Großvenediger with 3,674 meter.
With a total area of 278 square kilometer it is the second largest municipality in Tyrol.

Due to the location within the Hohetauern and the different heights that surround it, the landscape shows all beauties of the valley, the forest area, the alpine zone and the gigh alpine region.

A variety of sporting and adventurous up to amusing and enjoyable leisure activities can be seen that the main attraction of this idyllic village was laid with main attention to tourism.

Event Center - "The Tauerncenter"

The modernly euquipped event center for 1,200 visitors is embedded in a circular schoolyard in which 4 schools are connected to each other and directly to the event center. This makes it possible to use the premises of these schools for wardrobes and dance prepartion (warum-up, insertion etc.) as a part of organizing the event.
Seperate entrances to the auditorium or the cloakroom allow a seperation of the active and the viewer and thus a clear organizational process.

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Matrei in Osttirol would be pleased to welcome you to the European Championships in June 2017!

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