An important point for every competitor of a tournament are the respective guidelines.
The current dance guidelines are provided for you at the Hompage, below the heading "Infos".

We can serve you 2 versions of the current ASDU guidlines, an englisch and a german one:

ASDU dance guidelines 2017 englisch version

ASDU dance guidelines 2017 german version

Tips and important facts

  • professionals and amateurs are separated

  • adults and trainers who participate have to conform strict rules (due to category, age class, etc.)

  • look carefully at the age categories

  • look carefully at the definitions for the respective disciplines, so you take place in the right discipline

  • look carfeully at the different time limits to prevent penalties and score reductions

  • look carefully at the dance categories, in which you can compete

  • pointe shoes are first allowed with an age of 12.5 years!

  • Please read through the guidlines detailed and carefully!

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